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Last Updated - April 2020

What does this review cover?

  • Who is Doug Cunnington?
  • What I liked about the course and what I didn’t
  • Who is it for and why you need it too
  • What you get with the course
  • How this course can help you and much more

We’ll have a look at the course itself (what’s inside), how it’s structured and the topics covered, and it’s right for you, too.

But first, who is Doug and why we should listen to anything he says?

Who is Doug Cunnington?

who is doug cunnington from nichesiteproject.com

There are a lot of things to say about Doug. First, I need you to know that he is my mentor when it comes to Amazon Affiliate Marketing. I’m a student of Doug. I’ve been on his YouTube channel several times and he was on the Hasta La Vista YouTube Channel as well.

So I’m a be a bit biased here … but nevertheless, this is my honest opinion about his course!

Project Manager Professional

Doug used to work a 9 to 5 job as a project manager (PMP). After being laid off from his day job, he now finally had a lot of time on his hands to go and work full time on his online business side hustle and try to make it successful.

Successful Amazon Affiliate Marketer

Not long after being laid off, Doug started to have some success with his affiliate sites. And his hard work started to pay off very soon. Now, a few years after he started his online journey, he has the freedom to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

Founder of Niche Site Project & Five Figure Niche Site 

NicheSiteProject.com is Doug Cunnington’s personal blog. That’s where you can find A LOT of information for FREE. Additionally, you can download some templates that Doug is using in his business for hiring people, for writing content, etc (for FREE as well).

And Five Figure Niche Site … well, that’s what we’re talking about right now. It’s his premium course.


At this point, Doug Cunnington has over 1000 videos on his YouTube channel. He shares a lot of good information for free. Plus he does a lot of interviews with people from different backgrounds, at different levels of success which many can find motivational and inspirational.


If you like to take the show on the road, Doug has a cool podcast called Doug Show where marketers and experts in different areas share their success stories, chat about how they’ve started in order to become entrepreneurs.


Doug does some coaching as well every now and then when he has time. But you should always talk to him first about it. Depending on where you are on your online journey, this might be for you or not.

What Is Five Figure Niche Site All About?

Five Figure Niche Site is an Eight Unit (or 13 units for Advanced/Premium students) course focusing on building a profitable Amazon Affiliate Niche website from scratch. The course is growing. Doug will add more lessons in the future as things are constantly changing in this industry. This will make the course relevant and up to date, no matter when you’re joining.

Course Breakdown

what are you going to learn from five figure niche site

How The Course Is Structured?

Once you are in the course, you’ll get access to what Doug calls as Unit 0: Setting the stage.

One thing I LOVED about the course is that YOU WON’T have access to all the videos straight away.

The lessons will be released weekly or bi-weekly. Why this was EXTREMELY important to me? Well, I’m sure you’ve done other training before. Usually, as soon as you pay you’ll be able to watch all the material straight away.

What happened to me doing other courses is that having access to the lessons from day one, I went and watched all the videos in a day or 2 day … WITHOUT TAKING ANY ACTION!

And when I got to the end of course … I felt like there was SO MUCH work to do and it felt almost impossible for me to start from zero and actually do all that work.

Releasing the lessons weekly helped me a ton. Because after watching one of the lessons (a few hours) then I had 1 week to practice and apply what I’ve learned until the next lesson. Plus that will allow Doug to answer any questions you might have.

Depending on which training you’ve enrolled in (Basic, Advanced,Premium) you’ll have access to these awesome inner circle session calls in which you’ll go live with Doug and the other students and you guys will discuss the topic of that week. Plus ask Doug any questions you might have!

The cool thing is that you have access to all the previous sessions with students from other years. I found that to be one of the best resources of this course. There’s a lot of value in those calls.

Topics Covered In This Training

There’s a lot covered but here are just a few things to give you an idea

1. Week 1

  • Introduction to Amazon affiliate program
  • How much money can be made with Amazon niche websites

2. Week 2

  • Generating ideas for your niche
  • Different ways to brainstorm
  • Prospecting
  • A primer on keyword research and the famous KGR method
  • What type of keywords you should go for as affiliate marketer
  • Keyword research tools AND MUCH MORE

3. Week 3

  • What to look for when selecting a niche
  • Niche selection
  • You’re going into competition analysis 
  • Important metrics to look at when doing your research

4. Week 4

  • Setting Up Your Site

5. Week 5

  • Creating & Publish Content

6. Week 6

  • Action Week 2 ( This means there won’t be any lessons that week. It’s only Action-Action-Action. Good time to ask Doug questions)

7. Week 7

  • Applying to the Amazon Associate Program

8. Week 8

  • Promotion, Outreach, and Link Building 

9. Week 9

  • Scaling Up – Building More Sites

10. Week 10

  • Advanced Link Building

11. Week 11

  • Beyond Amazon Associates: Other Affiliate Programs

12. Week 12

  • Email List Building
  • Beyond Amazon Associates: Other Affiliate Programs
  •  Six-Figure Exit

Is This Course Beginner Friendly?

YES! The course IS beginner-friendly!

Doug covers all the bases. I mean, I never did internet marketing before joining his course. I was a total newbie. 
I didn’t know what niche is. I didn’t know what keyword means. 

This thing was a completely unknown thing for me. I didn’t know anything!

Who Can Enroll In The Five Figure Niche Site Course?

In my opinion…anybody that wants to have a go at building a profitable niche website.

As I said above, the course is beginners friendly. So no matter how much you know about technology, internet, making money, business, creating websites …

…you can join Doug Cunnington’s course.

Is this course for experienced marketers?! I don’t think so. It’s more for beginners and intermediate people.

What I Liked About This Amazon Affiliate Course

  • As I was mentioning earlier, one of the best things of this course is that is not releasing the content straight away. You’ll have time to watch the lessons and time to apply what you’ve learned before you move on.
  • It’s a very systematic and organized course. Once you’ve done with it, you’ll know exactly what to do if you want to build more sites. It’s a blueprint.
  • Easy to follow instructions in video and text
  • The inner circle sessions – pure gold. You can think about those as 1 on 1 coaching (even though it isn’t because there are most students on the call, but never too crowded. So you can ask Doug whatever you want)

What I Didn't Like About Doug's Course

In all honesty, there weren’t things that I didn’t like about the course.

Maybe he could’ve gone a bit more in-depth into the Gray Hat stuff. I personally don’t mind using such techniques.

One thing some people said they didn’t like about it is that you have to join a waiting list in order to enroll in the course. But you know why Doug is doing it this way?

Because he wants to work with a limited amount of students. And by having just a handful of students to work with … he will give you the best of his time!

Is Five Figure Niche Site A Scam?

No! You can REST ASSURED that this course is not a scam. Doug is one of the most genuine guys you’ll find on the internet.

What's The Price Of This Course? Is It Costly?

I’d love to tell you how much Five Figure Niche Site course cost. But I don’t know when you’re going to find this article. And Doug might change the price at any time. It could up, it could go down … I don’t know. 

Just click the button below to find out (if it’s open for enrollment, if not, you’ll have to join the list and wait for Doug to make it available for the public)

One thing I CAN tell you. It’s not cheap. It’s a premium course!

Five Figure Niche Site Success Stories

Here’s a playlist from Doug Cunnington’s channel where he interviewed some of his students (including me)

My Final Thoughts On This Training Review

Doug Cunnington’s course offers you a lot of knowledge about Amazon Affiliate Marketing and it will lay down the foundations for your affiliate marketing business.

It helped me start my affiliate marketing journey. And I’m on my way of becoming my own boss, thanks to his teachings.

If you have any questions drop them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them. Thanks for reading Boss!

Oh before I go, here’s a video review I did on Doug’s course (in case you prefer video format)

youtube review of doug cunnington's course five figures niche site

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  1. Thanks for this post Adrian. I’ve been a fan of Doug for some time and I watch your channel too. I might end up buying this course as I really want to get into how to make money online with niche sites.

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