DESTROY your competition on the SERPs by learning SEO with Kyle Roof - Honest Review made by his student (me)

Last Updated - April 2020

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By Adrian Diaz

Hello Boss. Today I bring you an amazing topic. I want to talk to you about the ON Page SEO course that Kyle Roof, an SEO Wizard, HUMILIATED Google using science in order to unlock the secrets behind the biggest search engine ever created and rank #1 with a website that had no real content.

All its content (with the exception of the keywords) was pure Latin lorem ipsum!

WTF? Is this even real?

Well, it was, at least until Google discovered how naughty Kyle was and punished him by sending his website into the hell of websites from where it’ll never see the daylight again. It’s got deindexed forever ever!

If this sounds interesting, then keep reading. I have some GREAT news for you!

Did you know that you can actually replicate what Kyle did?

Yes, you can, and here’s how!

Kyle has created his first-ever SEO course, and I was privileged enough to have early access to his course and learn how to do on-page SEO with Kyle Roof.

Some of you in the Facebook groups have asked me how I know what I know. Part of it it’s from being a constant learner and absorbing everything that I possibly can for free online.

Another source of knowledge comes from getting trained by some of the best professionals out there. One of those professionals is Doug Cunnington. I’ve learned Amazon affiliate marketing from his Five Figure Niche Site course

In this case, I’ve learned how to do on-page SEO from Kyle by using data provided by tools like POP (Page Optimizer Pro). With it, I was able to skip the guesswork and find out
what actually works for ranking posts in search results.

I was able to start making my decisions on what needs to be changed, added, or removed from a page BASED ON DATA-BACKED SCIENCE!

This is a review of Kyle Roof’s On-Page SEO course. I really hope to inspire you to take action so you can STOP GUESSING and START RANKING!

What does this review cover?

  • Who is Kyle Roof?
  • What I liked about the course and what I didn’t
  • Who it’s for and why you need it too
  • What you get with the course

We’ll have a look at the course itself (what’s inside), how it’s structured and the topics covered, and it it’s right for you, too.

But who is Kyle?

Who is Kyle Roof?

I like to introduce Kyle as the guy who ridiculed the magic and mystery Google tries to hold over us. He demonstrated that Google ranks pages based on algorithms and basic ranking factors rather than being a super-intelligent system that can understand content. 

In a ranking contest he’s now famous for, he proved this by ranking number 1 in Google organic searches and Google maps well for a very competitive keyword as I’ve mentioned above.

Now, you might say: ”So what Adrian?” “What’s so amazing about that?”

Yeah, I get it – there’s nothing amazing about ranking a competitive keyword on page one in Google. At the end of the day if you’re a great SEO, that’s what you’re doing day in and day out, right?

The ASTONISHING part of Kyle’s site is that, as I’ve mentioned at the beginning, this website’s content was not written in English. Or any other spoken language.

He successfully ranked a page with Latin lorem ipsum filler content gibberish!

If that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is! Thanks to test data that proves what Google algorithms use as ranking factors he was able to make a mockery of Google. 

In my opinion, he showed two things by doing this:

  1. That Google can NOT read the content on your website and really understand what that content MEANS.
  2. That by doing scientific tests on Google algorithms you can really REVERSE ENGINEER Google and find out what it likes to see in order to rank a page for a keyword. Anyone can really find out what the ranking factors are and how strong they are.

Once you understand what matters, you can then take that data and apply it to your websites or your client’s websites in order to get better rankings and ALWAYS STAY AHEAD OF YOUR COMPETITION.

More interesting stuff about Kyle

  • BadAss SEO
  • Co-founder of the High Voltage SEO agency (

    A professional SEO agency with offices in different countries and clients across the globe.

  • Co-founder of the Internet Marketing Gold (IMG) platform (

    Kyle and the team are building the best platform for SEOs today. Here, marketers can meet and discuss SEO News, algorithms, testing, ranking factors, and much more. I invite you to join us today. It’s free and the knowledge and value you’ll get from it are fantastic – you won’t find it anywhere else!

  • Lead Tester at SIA (

    He has conducted over 300 tests on Google algorithms in which he discovered lots of great & interesting results.

  • He speaks at many SEO conferences around the world

    Kyle has been an expert-level speaker including some of the most popular like Matt Diggity’s SEO Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Another one that’s smaller but includes some top SEOs is the SEO Rockstars conference in the US. Additionally, he attends or presents at other smaller ones in Asia and Europe.

  • Co-host of the SEO Fight Club show on YouTube

He’s on the SEO Fight Club show with one of the most brilliant minds in SEO today, Ted Kubaitis (the creator of the on-page optimization tool Cora) and the amazing black hat SEO, Clint Butler., 

Clint Butler also runs another great SEO show on YouTube called SEO This Week.

NOTE: Want some serious SEO knowledge? Take my advice and  subscribe to these two channels. The amount of knowledge these 3 guys have between them is absolutely amazing and you won’t believe how much they share for FREE. Come to the live streams and ask questions – they’ll be happy to share their knowledge.

But what exactly is in the course, and who is it ideal for? That’s what I’ll share with you next.

Kyle Roof Course Breakdown

How The Course Is Structured?

The course is broken down by topics in an easy to navigate table of contents. That’s one thing I really like because you can easily find what you’re looking for. I didn’t have to stress out over painful navigation design or missing or hidden course content like I’ve seen with other programs.

It’s really straightforward and well laid-out.

Let’s say you watched a video yesterday and you think you’ve missed a point or you can’t remember exactly how Kyle taught you to do something. Hey, no problem! It’s very easy to find the same section and specific lesson where you were before right away.

What’s cool is that because it’s in a basic, simple video format with short length, you can make as much or as little progress as you like depending on your free time. 

Because they’re short, you won’t have to fast forward though a long time just to find a certain piece of information you want to revisit.

kyle's roof on page seo course structure

Is The Course Beginner Friendly?

Honestly, that’s great big “Yes” from me. The course IS beginner-friendly!

Kyle starts talking about really basic stuff, like: ” What is a keyword”, “Type of keywords” and then moves into more technical and complicated (yet fundamental) stuff like Silos, Schema, EAT and all that juicy stuff.

What I like is that just like anyone else, I started from ground zero and didn’t understand fancy jargon I didn’t know. Kyle’s approach isn’t too try to sound very academic and impress you with his knowledge like I’ve seen happen elsewhere.

Instead, he keeps the valuable SEO concepts simple, clear, and makes them easy to understand. For example, in the sections about internal linking and why silos matter for better ranking, he uses diagrams that anyone can follow.

Topics Covered In The SEO Course

There’s a lot covered:

1. Keywords

  • What they are
  • How to find them
  • How to choose them
  • Where to place them

2. Silos

  • What they are
  • Different type of silos
  • Reverse silo structure and how Kyle build his silos

3.How to outline a page


This is really helpful for when you’re putting your content plan together for sending it to your content writers.

I like to do that as well, especially because most people you’ll hire to write your articles are not SEOs. They won’t know how to properly optimize your headings for SEO purposes so you’ll have that covered already instead of having to remedy that later.

4. Keyword locations in content


Want to know WHERE to place those great keywords you’re going after? It’s all here. (Sorry, you’ll have to get the course to find out, he he!)

5. The scientific approach to SEO

6. How to effectively use POP (Page Optimizer Pro)

7. Free tools that Kyle uses and you can too

8. Keyword research best practices

9. How to do an On-page SEO audit (just like he does for his clients!)

10. Schema mark up


I obviously can’t mention everything in here since there are so many juicy topics that that he covers.  However, I hope this is enough to make you realize how just how top-quality Kyle’s course is as much I have as a student myself.

Who Can Enroll In Kyle's On Page Course?

The course is for everyone from beginners to experienced SEOs. Those who have an SEO agency can get a lot of value from Kyle’s advanced knowledge, too.

How this course could help if you have an agency

One way to you can get enormous benefit is by training your own staff and virtual assistants (VAs) by signing them up for it. That way they’ll have much more knowledge, they’ll be able to use SEO best practices from the get-go, and can make better decisions for your end goals.

If this is the first time you’ve heard about SEO or just want to find out more in order to have a better chance at making money online, this is definitely a great resource. If  you’re already doing well but want to create your own agency, it’s also a great way to move forward too.

SEO of course stands for Search Engine Optimization, but I like to say that SEO is the ART of optimizing your online properties to ranking better and make more money.

Unfortunately, even in this day and age many people still waste enormous amounts of time & effort using old SEO myths instead of data-backed proven ranking factors. 

Until I knew better, I was guilty of doing the same.

There’s no telling how much time and money I wasted until I learned what really matters for online success. Don’t repeat the same mistakes I did!

If you want results, you have to learn how to FEED Google’s algorithm what it wants to see to be rewarded with higher rankings, more traffic, and of course, more money!

If you’re ready to become a rising badass SEO one day just like Kyle and increase you or your client’s earnings significantly, take my advice and get access to Kyle’s On-Page SEO Course HERE.

Remember: Kyle teaches you how to rank on Google based on SCIENCE. His information is proven based on actual test data that you can analyze and measure – NOT on opinions, rumors, or some internet know-it-all’s unproven guesses!

There’s no way around it: if you wan to do well online you need good SEO knowledge. And for good SEO knowledge you must have a solid foundation. 

If I sound like a big believer in this course, it’s because I am. What I’ve learned has given my a concrete foundation I can be confident in and can build my SEO skills on more and more.

As you’ve seen already, you’ll learn what you need to know, starting from ground zero. 

For example, you’ll cover all the basic topics like what keywords are, move into more complex ideas like silos, and then advanced topics like schema markup.

He also covers the Google update issues that leave so many site owners nervous and stress like the well-known medic and EAT algorithm changes.

And of course, keyword research. He even touches on click-through rate (CTR) as well.

How Kyle’s On-page SEO training can help YOU

You’ll learn WHAT to spend time on and how to do so. You’ll follow Kyle’s though processes by example and see the steps he recommends you take to optimize you or your client’s sites for the best bang for your time & dollar.

While it may seem like paying for a course is a big expense, in fact you’re actually saving money in the long run!

Here’s why:

If you’re one of those people that spends a ton of money building links to your websites or your client’s websites, Kyle’s knowledge will teach you how to rank better without those, drastically reducing the number of links you need.

Just like with the rhinoplasty site I mentioned earlier, the lorem ipsum test site had ONLY 2 backlinks pointing at it. Contrast that a second competing website underneath Kyle’s that had more than 100. Simply amazing!

That’s another real-world example of how having poor SEO information costs wastes an enormous amount of time and money. If you’re not doing what Google secretly wants to see, you’re really missing the mark.

There’ll be no more “guesSEOing” involved – just straight-up real data that no one else has access to.

You’ll no longer with you had a crystal ball to tell you what to do for your page in order to rank better. Finally YOU WILL KNOW what to do based on data that you can analyze and make your business decisions according to.

You’ll gain respect and trust from your SEO clients if you’re an agency provider. Showing your customers real, actionable data like the comprehensive ranking factor reports provided by Page Optimizer Pro puts you ahead of the game.

At this point, you’ll be able create a roadmap either for you or them to implement right away.

After all, who would you rather give your money too? An agency with the usual hyperbole and canned responses, or one who can show you specifically what your SEO targets are and HOW to do it?

What I Liked About This SEO Course

Other than being privileged to learn from one of the SEO geniuses, it was a lot of information and it really me a new perspective on how to look at SEO overall.

I’ve ranked my sites decently before hearing about Kyle. However, in all honesty, I felt like I didn’t know what the hell I was doing or WHY I was doing it. I bet you understand what I mean, because so many people I’ve talked to have exactly the same problem.

There’s so much worthless information & SEO myths out there that it’s easy to squander your resources for things that barely move the needle – if at all! Even worse, some can get you penalized, too!

Like many people, I was taking the “If I change one thing here, and one there, maybe it might help” approach. 

Here’s what I liked and what I didn’t about Kyle’s course:

1. Very short and to the point videos (no fluff or bullsh*t!)



This is great if you’re like me and your attention span doesn’t last too long. I lose focus quite easily with so many distractions around me. I’m not alone, either, as that’s one of the biggest problems in the world today.

Every time I’m trying to learn something new it’s like I can’t focus on just that thing for longer than 10 minutes. If you can, count yourself as lucky.

For me and many others, having short videos helps me to stay focused and not lose my attention. I won’t wander off and start watching blind auditions on “The Voice” on YouTube (Ha ha!).

2. You can steal Kyle’s thought process


A great part of going through Kyle’s course is that you can see exactly how he thinks. You can see how he approaches SEO and the tasks involved. That’s one of the reasons I like to join online courses, but only from trustworthy, proven leaders that have truly useful knowledge gems.

For me, it’s not enough to have a list of things to do. I want to know WHY I’m doing what I’m doing. And this is a good way to get that expert view of how and why you’re tasking those actions.

3. He uses plain and easy to understand the language


I’ve seen other courses where the instructors use massive, unnecessary words and complicated terms in order to impress you with his/her knowledge. In fact, I’ve heard here and there this is a common complaint for some course buyers.

That’s rubbish and it’s silly. If you know your stuff you can explain it in simple and easy to digest information. Just like Kyle does.

He breaks down big terms and concepts into easy to understand and absorb information that even a novice like me can take in quickly and comprehend right away.

4. He shows us how to use POP effectively


Great lesson! Most of us learned how to use POP on the go. 

Kyle has added videos to guide to in using the paid Page Optimizer Pro tool for boosting your on-page SEO using the tool’s detailed recommendations.

In his course, he’ll show you step by step how HE optimizes a page using his tool. 

Unlike others, he won’t just talk about it and leave you to struggle with it. Instead, you see actual examples you can repeat for your own sites.

5. Lifetime access


Once you’re in … you’re in forever. 😊

It’s still early but I believe Kyle will keep adding videos to the course as he finds interesting topics to add to it.

5. Kyle is responsive and active on the Internet Marketing Gold platform


On the IMG platform, there’s a private chat room created especially for the course where you and I can ask questions and get support from other members.

The sweet thing about this is that we’re not only have a legit closed group (unlike so many weak Facebook groups I’ve seen) but also that you’ll have direct contact with several top SEOs and marketers.

They also chime in and help answer your questions you might have as well. That’s a stark contrast to the Facebook group approach which is often full of “noise” and very little real, actionable information at all.

What I Didn't Like About Kyle's Course

One thing I didn’t like about the course though is that the chat room isn’t available on desktop (at least not at the time of this review, anyway).

I’ve talked to Kyle and with the support team and they’ve said it works for some, but so far it’s not 100% functional for all.

Not for me, either, unfortunately. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but hey…IMG is a brand-new platform and they still have bugs to fix and all that.

It’s understandable! Growing pains are normal, after all.

It’s frustrating to have to use my phone’s little screen. Sometimes I really want to sit down and chat with people from my desktop on my big screen.

I’m sure they’ll fix it soon, however, as I’ve noticed that things consistently improve as time moves forward, which I’d expect as Kyle Roof is professional in his approach to things.

Aside from that, I don’t have any real complaints. 

My Final Thoughts On The On Page SEO Course

I believe I’ve covered pretty much everything about Kyle’s course (or at least I hope I did he he).

Do you prefer a video instead of an article? Then click on the image below to watch my review on YouTube.

If you have questions, please don’t be shy and leave your questions below. 

I’ll tell Kyle that this article is live and he’ll keep an eye on it as well in order to deal with every doubt you might have about his course.

Now it’s over to you BOSS!

Are you ready to STOP GUESSING and START RANKING in Google?

Then get access today. I did, and I’m glad!

Why wait?

Kyle made it even easier for you, removing all risks by adding a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to his course. That means that if you believe his course did not provide great value, you have 7 days to ask for a refund.


To make things even sweeter, I’ve managed to twist Kyle’s arm to give my audience (that’s you Boss) an UNBELIEVABLE DISCOUNT of 50% on his course.

*** But you have to hurry. It won’t be for available for very long! ***

Join my Hasta La Vista Boss Facebook group to ask me for the coupon code for this amazing deal. Trust me, you won’t find this offer for much longer.

You’ll also get free interaction with like-minded people who want to succeed by sharing & learning. It’s time to work on one day saying “Hasta la vista, boss!” and become your own boss!

See you there Boss!

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