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Last Updated - May 2020

a picture of Adrian Diaz Bulibasa, the owner of Hasta La Vista website

By Adrian Diaz

1. Stuart Cameron (.Ficks) makes $500 p/m from his side hustle

In this video I talk to a friend of mine, Stuart Cameron who’s in the trenches still. He’s working his way up in the digital marketing space. We’ve talked about:

  • How Stuart started his journey in the search of passive income
  • How he’s been able to create a side hustle that brings him money
  • We’ve touched on what type of business model he’s doing right now
  • He told us a little bit about his case study he’s building over on his YouTube channel
  • As well as what plans he has for the future

And much more. Head now to the video below and start watching 🙂 Please remember to LIKE the video and leave a comment!

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